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What our patients are saying about EndoArt...

I highly recommend Dr. Swager as an Endodontic specialist.  He is one of the best out there!  He takes his time to make sure that he fixes the problem right the first time.  He has a way with patients that always makes you feel at ease no matter what he will be doing.  He is a very pleasant, kind and likable doctor.

-Andy M.

Dr. Swager and Staff,

Thanks so much for the great care that all of you provided to me while I had root canal therapy, and thanks Dr. Swager for saving my teeth & bridge!! :)  All of you were so hospitable and caring.

-JoAnn F.

Just a quick note to let you know my root canal experience was a good one!  You lowered my anxiety and I appreciate you taking the time to explain/teach what you were doing.  I've had little discomfort and would recommend you to anyone needing endodontic care.  Thanks again!

-Jessica B.

Thank you so much for the time you’ve spent with me.  You have left an indelible impression not only on me, but on my smile.  The medical field is lucky to have a team like yours around. 
-David J.

To me, Dr. Swager is the best in the business!  They just don’t come any better.  I have had several root canals over the years but with Dr. Swager I found compassion, thoroughness, caring and someone who let me know what was happening and answered my questions.  That is important to me!  I am so grateful I found him and I never hesitate to refer my friends to him when they are in need. Thank you, Dr. Swager, for being there!

-Flo D.

I want to say thank you again for taking care of my two teeth.  Having been able to watch you perform gave me some appreciation of how much work is involved in a root canal, particularly a difficult situation like my teeth.  I really appreciate what you did and thank you again.   
 -Meilee S.

Thank you for your very capable treatment.  Based on my experience, there is no basis for patients to be unduly apprehensive about “root canals”.  The primary (mild) discomfort was needing to sit in one position for an hour or more.

-Stephen W.

Thank you again for the excellent root canal "repair".  You are skillful and efficient.  Please thank your staff for being so nice.  I appreciate your kindness very much.

-Alan B.

Dr. Swager and his team are amazing!  I recently had a root canal and buildup performed by him and his team and it was amazing!  I never felt any pain or discomfort during the procedure.  I did not even feel his shots!!  I would recommend Dr. Swager to anyone who needs a root canal!  If I ever move from Phoenix, I will fly in to see him if I need another root canal.
-Dan B.

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